SHOWS for January 27th - February 1st. 2014

Too cold outside? Not in the mood to do much? Come by the Paramount and take part is what's happening this week! 5 out of 7 days, you'll find something to entertain you!

- Monday, January 27th at 2pm slt - Scooter Fallen - Live Singer

Hosted by Vicki Eriksen, Scooter sings jazzy tunes from old to new for the young and old. Scooter has performed for many years in real life singing a variety of different styles of music - today she will entertain us with a combination of blues and jazz tunes.

- Thursday Jnauary 30th at 5pm slt - Leannan Lockjaw - Live Singer
She loves everything from Bread to to Queen to Journey to Madonna to Evanescence, and everything in between. 

- Friday January 31st at 6-8pm slt - DJ Zea

Zea has a wonderful wide range of tunes to play! She's been a real life dj for sometime. Watch out for a notice on what theme she comes up with!

- Saturday, February 1st at 6pm slt  - Toxie - Singer
Styles tend to be on the bluesy side.. maybe a little jazzy, and sometimes sultry... it all depends on my mood and the song! She ADORES requests because she never knows what people want to hear so it saves her from making bad choices in choosing what to sing for you.

 - Saturday, February 1st at 7pm slt  - Creme de le Creme - Burlesque Show
Watch our troupe dance for your entertainment and enjoyment in our dancers’ showcase this month. You get to relive some of our past favorites as well as a few new ones. Come listen the music, see the acts, the stripping and skin. We hope to see you there!

- Sunday, February 2nd at 1pm slt - Michele Netso - Live Singer
With her sultry sound and selection of popular Jazz; she covers everything from Sinatra to Winehouse as well as Blues, Soul and R&B. She enjoys entertaining and this is evident in her performances and her personality shines through.

 - Sunday, February 2nd at 2pm slt - Vicki Eriksen - Comedian
Vicki does a combination af stand-up, burlesque and Vaudeville ... or let's just call it a series of jokes and small acts of a rather bawdy and (sometimes very) naughty nature. It's definitely NOT PG material.

The weekend is fast approaching....


Tonight we have Leannan Lockjaw back to sing for us once again at 5pm. Pathmaker will be djing at Seductive Dreamerz at 6-8pm.

Tomorrow night, Friday, we have a great dj, DJ Zea taking over the gazebo at the Paramount at 6-8pm. She will be with us on Fridays from now on. She likes to do themes like Path so be prepared for something different every week.

Saturday, is our Rocky Horrid Show. We plan to do it more in the future but RIGHT NOW, it will be the last performance fora while. So come and enjoy us running around a castle and laboratory once more!

Sunday, we have Scooter Fallen making a singing appearance at 1pm. So if you've missed her on Mondays, come on Sunday for a treat. Vicki Eriksen will be there hosting and at 2pm, she will be doing comedy. Come for Scooter's voice and stay for Vicki's jokes!

NEXT SATURDAY... February 1st, is our brand new burlesque show, Creme de la Creme. It's a show of various acts, no theme.... dancer's choice sort of speak!


It's almost a FULL week of entertainment!

We almost have a full week's of entertainment at the Paramount! For full details see the calendar to the right of this post ---->

Monday at 2pm is Scooter Fallen!

Thursday at 5pm is Leannan Lockjaw!

Friday at 6pm - 8pm is DJ Zea!

Saturday at 7pm is Rocky Horrid Show! (last time for awhile folks)

Sunday at 1pm is Scooter Fallen (back again)

Sunday at 2pm is Vicki Eriksen!

Thursday's Lineup

Leannan Lockjaw is at the Paramount tonight at 5pm slt. One of our dancers, is now our hostess, Shannon! She'll be greeting you at the door tonight due to Path and I having a previous engagement. 
Lea has been singing since she teethed (literally) on Journey as a toddler, and has been in love with music ever since. She loves everything from Bread to Queen to Journey to Madonna to Evanescence, and everything in between.
She's not classically trained, but was vocally trained at home by her mother.

Sunday is coming around the corner and we've got some brand new entertainment lined up! LoneWolf, a singer at 1pm slt will be hosted by SL's comedian Vicki Eriksen. LoneWolf is a singer in First Life and Second Life. He is a man who sings from his heart with passion born from his love of humanity and compassion for their pain. His genres include: Country, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Oldies, R&B/Soul, and some Classical. With the largest Song list in S/L over 750+ songs adding more daily.

Vicki will then take the stage at 2pm slt for 30 minutes of comedy! Vicki does a combination of stand-up, burlesque and vaudeville ... or let's just call it a series of jokes and small acts of a rather bawdy and (sometimes very) naughty nature. It's definitely NOT PG material.

Entertainment at Paramount!

Vicki Eriksen, our "Sunday Manager", as I like to call her.... has been lining up new acts to perform at the Paramount on Sundays! She will be hosting the performers and after at 2 pm slt, she will do 30 minutes of comedy!

WE have...

Lonewolf - singer on the 19h

Michele Netso - Singer on the 2nd
Pink Lady Dancers on the 9th
Wildstar Writer - Performer on the 16th
Obero - Magician on the 23rd

For information on the performers, be sure to check our calendar. info for some will be added later on when available!

New things happening!


Saturday's performance of Rocky Horrid, was one of the greatest one's we've done. The cast had a blast even with the crashing and Second Life taking our clothes and not rezzing them at the end of the show! The crowd was just wonderful and the compliments at the end were more then expected! We've had quite a few people come back for the show more then once. That means we are doing a GREAT job! We are doing the show ONE MORE TIME Saturday, January 25th at 7pm. It may return later in the year, but we are working on a dancer showcase in February, remaking our Alien show for March and in April we plan to do Cleo and the Czar again.

We'd like to announce we have a new dancer, Silky. Last month we added Isabella and Sadie to our troupe! All the girls are saucy and looking forward to dancing!

ALSO... Vicki Eriksen will be joining us once again on Sundays. She is one of SL's comedians, and is our "Entertainment Manager." Meaning at least for Sundays, Vicki will be booking performers and hosting them at 1pm slt. At 2pm slt, she will be doing a 30 min comedy act!

Be sure to look here and in SL for more updates on shows etc.

Thank you once again for giving us a great start to 2014!

Rocky Horrid is Back....


As long as we can and the audience keeps coming back for more... we'll do Rocky Horrid!

Come join us for an evening of classy but sassy entertainment as we at Paramount dance in our newest show "Rocky Horrid Show" on Saturday, January 11th at 7pm. It's OUR version of The Rocky Horror Show.

Tale of newly engaged couple Brad Majors and Janet Weiss who find themselves lost and with a flat tire on a cold and rainy late evening. Seeking a telephone, the couple walk to a nearby castle. They discover a group of strange people who are holding an Annual Transylvanian Convention. They are soon swept into the world of Dr. Frank N. Furter, transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania. The ensemble of convention attendees also includes servants Riff Raff, his sister Magenta, and a groupie named Columbia. In his lab, Frank claims to have discovered the “secret to life itself”. His creation, Rocky, is brought to life....

SLURL - Adult

NEXT SATURDAY, we are taking off, but Rocky is back for the last time (so far) Saturday, Jany 25th at 7pm!