New things happening!


Saturday's performance of Rocky Horrid, was one of the greatest one's we've done. The cast had a blast even with the crashing and Second Life taking our clothes and not rezzing them at the end of the show! The crowd was just wonderful and the compliments at the end were more then expected! We've had quite a few people come back for the show more then once. That means we are doing a GREAT job! We are doing the show ONE MORE TIME Saturday, January 25th at 7pm. It may return later in the year, but we are working on a dancer showcase in February, remaking our Alien show for March and in April we plan to do Cleo and the Czar again.

We'd like to announce we have a new dancer, Silky. Last month we added Isabella and Sadie to our troupe! All the girls are saucy and looking forward to dancing!

ALSO... Vicki Eriksen will be joining us once again on Sundays. She is one of SL's comedians, and is our "Entertainment Manager." Meaning at least for Sundays, Vicki will be booking performers and hosting them at 1pm slt. At 2pm slt, she will be doing a 30 min comedy act!

Be sure to look here and in SL for more updates on shows etc.

Thank you once again for giving us a great start to 2014!

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