The weekend is fast approaching....


Tonight we have Leannan Lockjaw back to sing for us once again at 5pm. Pathmaker will be djing at Seductive Dreamerz at 6-8pm.

Tomorrow night, Friday, we have a great dj, DJ Zea taking over the gazebo at the Paramount at 6-8pm. She will be with us on Fridays from now on. She likes to do themes like Path so be prepared for something different every week.

Saturday, is our Rocky Horrid Show. We plan to do it more in the future but RIGHT NOW, it will be the last performance fora while. So come and enjoy us running around a castle and laboratory once more!

Sunday, we have Scooter Fallen making a singing appearance at 1pm. So if you've missed her on Mondays, come on Sunday for a treat. Vicki Eriksen will be there hosting and at 2pm, she will be doing comedy. Come for Scooter's voice and stay for Vicki's jokes!

NEXT SATURDAY... February 1st, is our brand new burlesque show, Creme de la Creme. It's a show of various acts, no theme.... dancer's choice sort of speak!


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