Thursday's Lineup

Leannan Lockjaw is at the Paramount tonight at 5pm slt. One of our dancers, is now our hostess, Shannon! She'll be greeting you at the door tonight due to Path and I having a previous engagement. 
Lea has been singing since she teethed (literally) on Journey as a toddler, and has been in love with music ever since. She loves everything from Bread to Queen to Journey to Madonna to Evanescence, and everything in between.
She's not classically trained, but was vocally trained at home by her mother.

Sunday is coming around the corner and we've got some brand new entertainment lined up! LoneWolf, a singer at 1pm slt will be hosted by SL's comedian Vicki Eriksen. LoneWolf is a singer in First Life and Second Life. He is a man who sings from his heart with passion born from his love of humanity and compassion for their pain. His genres include: Country, Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Oldies, R&B/Soul, and some Classical. With the largest Song list in S/L over 750+ songs adding more daily.

Vicki will then take the stage at 2pm slt for 30 minutes of comedy! Vicki does a combination of stand-up, burlesque and vaudeville ... or let's just call it a series of jokes and small acts of a rather bawdy and (sometimes very) naughty nature. It's definitely NOT PG material.

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