This week at Paramount

Check the calendar on the right for details, but starting Thursday to Sunday we got something to entertain you at Paramount!

Scooter has moved to Thursdays at 2 and Leannan is back at 5. Friday (if Dj Zea can make it, darn rl jobs!) will be djing. The Paramount troupe is at the Empire Room for a dance/skit. Saturday is the Bert & Gert Variety hour before our Creme de la Creme show. Sunday is the Pink Ladys dance troupe along with Vicki Eriksen.

Sometime this week, Path is going to be helping out and is going to dj for an event to help a family in need. He'll be djing at the theater when it's his turn. Check Facebook for the time when given. Read the article below...

My good friend Jessica and her family lost their daughter Savannah, age 6, in her sleep today. Born autistic and blind, Savannah still found a way to light up the lives of those who knew her. Her passing was sudden and unexpected, and the family is understandably in shock.

Things are tough all over, I know, but if you can donate something toward Savannah's arrangements, I know how grateful Jessica and her family will be. You can very simply send the money via PayPal to I don't care if it's one dollar, or five or ten. Whatever you feel you can do. Every little bit helps, and with enough of us helping, it can make a real difference.

Feel free to share this post, and thank you.
— with June Michaud and Jessica Audibert. 

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