DJ Neil's Benefit was a great success!


On Sunday October 27, a Benefit was held at the Paramount Playhouse in Second Life to raise funds for SL member DJ Neil The Cowboy, who suffered a major health issue this summer and has no real life health insurance.

DJ Neil has been left with only 5% of his vision following the episode, with two surgeries so far - and still facing at least one more in the future. DJ Neil has been unable to work since the event last July. Neil's real life wife and Second Life life both perform at the Paramount Playhouse, which reprised their recent Halloween Show for the Benefit. SL participant LeAnnBurt, Neil's real life wife, is a co-owner of the Paramount; at the present time she is working day and night as DJ Neil's caregiver, and family breadwinner as they struggle to deal with this devastating blow.

Also contributing to the benefit were Ebony Seorn and VictoriaJuliette Resident who set up a place to purchase a tuxedo and gown combination from the Vanity House of Design, inside the theater - the proceeds from which will go to assist DJ Neil and his family in perpetuity.  Link to the outfits on Marketplace are below.
During the Paramount Dancers presentation of "Night of the Dancing Dead," Swedish Second Life Participant, Kitte Arado, performed an act she created just for the benefit, which received many compliments.

DJ Neil's Second Life partner, Shannon Sittingbull also works at the Second Life establishment Blackhearts, where Neil has been a DJ prior to his health issues of this year. For over a month Blackhearts has been raising money to assist DJ Neil and family; Blackhearts has been responsible for raising $21,128L of the total $31,165L raised so far.

Anyone wishing to donate to assist DJ Neil and family contributions can be made at either Blackhearts, or Paramount Playhouse.


VHD outfits

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