Performance Pictures 2017

Performance Pictures 2017
Enjoy some of the pictures taken during some of our shows. 

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New Beginnings - January
(The following pictures were taken and submitted by Pathmaker & Tristan)

Me Too, Lilangel w/Bevin & Lotta

Super Skier, Fenrir w/Rhonda & Kely

Disco Star Wars, Queenie
Dark Horse, Eva w/Annie & Coco

Hey Mama, Lotta

Let It Go (Disney's "Frozen") Vivaldi's Winter
Nara  w/Gracie, Queenie, Ariel, Beebs

The Midas Touch, Silky

Bottoms Up, Lilangel w/Bevin & Jess

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Lotta w/Path

Carousel, Eva

I Will Survive, Queenie

Fantasy Girl, Coco w/Lotta, Silky, Ariel, Annie

Dollhouse, Gracie

Chattanooga Choo Choo, Ariel w/Players


All You Need is Love - February
(The following pictures were taken and submitted by Tristan)

The Love Boat, Lotta  w/Players

White Trash Beautiful, Lilangel w/Jess

Love Rollercoaster, Queenie

Gonna Wash That Man Right Oughta my Hair, Ariel w/Players

Can't Help Falling in Love, Lotta

No light, No light Lyrics on Screen, Chrissy

Power of Love, Nara

I Feel Love, Lotta
I got You Babe, Queenie w/Jag

I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch), Lilangel

Jai Ho, Eva w/Players

Did I Ever Love You, Queenie w/Lotta & Path


Tune In - March
(The following pictures were taken from videos submitted by Tristan)

Too Darn Hot, Ariel w/Players

Austin Powers, Chrissy w/Players

I'll Be There for You, Lilangel w/Players

The Quietman, Lotta w/Path

Happy, Lotta w/Path

Chariots of Fire, Nara w/Gracie

Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Queenie w/Lilangel & Gracie

Moon River,  Queenie


Night Players - March 25th
(The following pictures were taken by Lotta)

My Toot Toot, Lotta

Tiger Rag, Fenrir w/Rhonda

La La La, Eva w/ Rhonda, Carol, Path, Fenrir, Gracie, Nara

Putting on the Ritz, Mardi Gras, Ariel w/Path

American Graffiti, Gracie w/Lil, Diawa, Lotta, Nara

Aztec Mix, Path w/Players


Color My World - April
(The following pictures were taken by Tristan)

White Rabbit, Queenie w/Lilangel

Colour of the Wind, Nara

White Wedding, Lotta

24K Magic, Lilangel w/Queenie
Blueberry Hill Violet, Gracie

Chartreuse, Lotta

 Purple Pills, Lilangel

 Purple People Eater, Ariel w/Rhonda, Devlin, Azdra

Yellow Submarine, Queenie
She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Path w/ Players


Night Players - April 29th
(The following pictures were taken by R. Crap Mariner) 

Just Dance, Ariel w/Rhonda, Path, Dev

Adiemus, Azdra

Washing Machine Mix, Babs w/ Eva, Azdra
Bat out of Hell, Eva w/Lotta, Que, Beebs, Carol

Got It, Lotta

Fifty Shades of Grey Theme, Nara

Shadow Dancers Mix, Path w/Lotta
Sounds of Silence, Queenie 

To Infinity and Beyond - May
(The following pictures were taken by R. Crap Mariner)

Star Wars, Chrissy w/Lilangel and Lotta

 Skyfall, Azdra

Fairies, Ariel

Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer,Winnie w/Queenie

Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Lotta w/Path

Rockit, Devlin w/Ariel

Under the Milky Way, Queenie

Star Trek Beyond, Azdra w/Ariel

DJ Space Mix, Lilangel

Running Man, Jag w/Queenie & Lotta

Come Sail Away, Eva

Go Robot, Queenie w/Lotta, Eva, Beebs, Lil

Terminator, Lotta w/Players


Legends & Divas - June
(The following pictures were taken by R. Crap Mariner)

Surprise!!!, Azdra w/Players

Proud Mary, Fen & Rhonda w/Gracie & Ariel

I'm Coming Out, Chrissy w/Cassie & Path

Whole Lotta Love, Lotta

Vogue, Queenie w/Lilangel & Eva

Applause, Ariel

Escapade, Lilangel w/Diawa

A Different Corner, Gracie

Immigrant Song, Lotta

Blue Light, Devlin w/Ariel

May it Be, Azdra w/Path

Cockiness, Lilangel w/Diawa

Gentle on My Mind, Path w/Path Jr

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend, Queenie w/BB & Lotta

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