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Performance Pictures 2017-2

Performance Pictures 2017
Enjoy some of the pictures taken during some of our shows.

Prop-A-Ganda - July
(The following pictures were taken and submitted by Judith Lefevre)

Shatter Me - Eva w/Cowgirl, CG, Path Jr, Pan, Tristan

You Don't Own Me - Lotta

Cathouse Tragedy - w/ Dev, Rhonda, Reshana, Path

 Heaven's on Fire - Queenie

 Bossinova - Demtre w/ Sagia, Zee Zee

Just a Friend - Lilangel

Can't Be Tamed - Lotta

 Vision Quest - Azdra

Teddy Bears' Picnic - Queenie w/Path, Lotta, Beebs & Lilangel

Lady Marlene - Eva

Phantom of the Opera -Azdra w/Rebel

Hamster Dance - Gracie w/ Tristan, Nara, Di, Lotta, Path, Que, Eva, Rhonda