Desire Arts Theatre & Gallery

There is a new Second Life Performance Venue Grand Opening on Saturday, 26 August 2017, at 7:00 PM SL Time.  It is called "Desire Arts Theatre and Gallery" and is owned and managed by experienced Second Life Performers Lotta Difference Campbell-MacGregor and her partner and SL husband Pathmaker.

As an "Arts" theater (and gallery) Desire Arts will be a venue perfectly suited for SL Performers wishing to express themselves thru live performances, thru Dance, Art Exhibits, Performance Art as well as Dramatic Presentations.

Lotta and Path have owned and operated the theater known as "Paramount" - first as "Paramount Playhouse" 2012 - 1013, and as "Paramount Grand Theater" 2014 - Present.

For those familiar with the Night Players Theater, and the performances at Paramount called "Night Players" - Night Players is gone.  Desire Arts starts off as a totally new theater, totally separate from Paramount and with some new definitions of desired content.

Right up front please be aware that Desire Arts is NOT a "Porn Palace" nor is is a sex theater.  Lotta and Path both have Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees (Plus many hours of work towards MFA degrees) and are very open-minded individuals.  

Artists of various media (including performance art) are welcome to contact the Desire Arts ("DA") staff regarding presentations which go beyond the scope the SL "Mainstream Dance Community."  An important matter to consider is that at DA, there will be no censorship as to content although anything presented at the venue must be of a high quality regarding choreography and production value.  

Also, Presentations of a controversial nature (including those involving sex, politics and/or religion) will be presented separately from the Dance Program.

DA is seeking performers who want to "push the limits" - who wish to do acts that may not please everyone.  You have an act that is not suitable for Paramount or other "mainstream venues" ?  Bring it to DA where you will very likely be welcomed with open arms.

For a sampling of some of what DA has to offer audiences - and performers, please check out the Grand Opening show on Saturday, August 26th at 7PM SLT.

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