Austim Awareness Show

** A little background to Lighting The Way - Autism Awareness Event **

Just to give you all a little background on this show. I had started the Lighting The Way - Autism Awareness events here in SL back in 2010. Every year since I 1st started, I generally had one month long event, however, with some RL health issues, I had to dramatically cut back this year.

The reason I started Lighting The Way was because of my two children, whom both are on the autism spectrum. It was during this time I craved a means in which I could play an instrumental role in lighting the path from darkness for people who were diagnosed autistic.  My son suffers from the most severe form of autism while my daughter has the milder form known as Aspergers, so I decided to utilize SL as my platform for building awareness.

I started to have the dance community take part in the Lighting The Way event back in 2013 with a few acts here and there. Since most on the spectrum love all types of music, I thought this would be a wonderful way to help raise awareness. Over the years, I have watched Dancing For Autism grow into something that brings me to tears. The thought and dedication that each director and dancer brings to the stage, words can't even begin to explain.

The feedback has been such a positive one from not only through the dance community but from the audience members as well, whom some have been on the spectrum. To receive an IM from an audience member thanking me for having something here in SL to help raise awareness on what Autism is, they stated..... " having a place to go where I don't have to be judged and can be myself, makes me feel comfortable, I don't worry". Comments like that, is what drives me year after year to do this. It does HELP more than any of us can ever realize.

With every act, with every kind word, with every song choice, it does help. 

Paramount hits the stage at 4pm slt, Saturday, April 22nd

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