Few things going on!

Well more than a few things going on here! We are working on bringing a few new acts to Saturdays upcoming show, so it'll be a different show incase you came last week, yay!

Halloween is approaching and that's next month, wow, already?! Yup! We are working on Halloween show ALL OCTOBER! It'll be a Night Players show all month, well four Saturdays at least.

November, we are bringing back a play that Path wrote a few years ago, Cleo and the Czar. It'll revamped to bring more dancing, more dancers and more... well... skin. Cleo will not not be PG-13, but R rated at least. So beware if you are not used to seeing that. But you must be by now if you come to our Night Player shows. *laughs*

We have been updating a few things on the blog as well. Adding a few dancer pictures to the staff page and some biographies.

Last but not least... if you enjoy watching the arts as much as we do performing it, please nominate Paramount! It will be that last of the Avi Choice awards for the arts. So please head over to the website here and get to nominating! We appreciate any that we get!

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