Deadline is April 22nd

Yup, we at Paramount want YOUR help! Help?! Help from us? Of course! You are the reason we dance afterall. Please send in a notecard with your favorites from the past year!

We, the Players, have decided for our May theme, that we would like the AUDIENCE TO PICK THEIR FAVORITE DANCE PERFORMANCE! Dance performance? You mean show? No we mean your favorite dancer doing what performance you loved to see again! 

Over the past year or more, YOU the audience, will pick what the dancers will perform on the Paramount stage in May 2016. Instead of a "Dancer's Choice Show," it's and "Audience Choice Show!" You pick your favorite "act" the dancers have done. If you need a refresher, click on over to the pictures page.

It can be anything done in the past year or two (2014-2015). Please nothing from the Night Players theatre, we do have some favorites of our own we did there, but this is for Paramount.

Please only the dancers that are currently employed at Paramount.You need a refresher on that too, just click on the performers page to see a list.

Please send a notecard to Lotta Difference and/or Pathmaker Resident with your choice. If you are in the neighborhood, drop off that notecard in the mailbox in the lobby! Jourdaine will be happy to show you. 

Deadline for "entries" will be April 22nd. This gives you plenty of time to remember what you want to see again and if the dancer has to do some editing to his or her dance and stage backdrop.

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