Lack of updates

We find the lack of updates disturbing to the force... no wait that's Star Wars... well real life has hit some of us and well it doesn't give us the time to do update or post, booo.

We were disappointed earlier this week when we were all set to run our Night Players show Tuesday when the dj's music program decided it didn't want to work. No other dj as around to ask for help either so we canceled the show. Have no fear we are doing it twice next week. Twice, twice?! Yes, we'll have two Night Player shows next week. Not to forget to mention our regular Saturday shows.

We are doing two Paramount shows this month. Thanksgiving holiday in America is coming up soon and instead of working we'll be eating! And just thinking about dance. December is looking to be the same way, too. Two Paramount shows due to Christmas. Christmas is more important to us anyway.

We hope to see some if not all of you this Saturday for our new show, Paramount Rocks! One guess as to the theme on this one... and it's not about those rocks on the ground...

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