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Out Night Players show is TONIGHT! Our Friday shows are at 8pm slt, a late night if you will for all of us, but it's worth the wait. If you didn't see the show this past Tuesday, have no fear, it's the same dances with a few new ones mixed in! So here is a little sneek peek for one act!

If you are a fan of Prince and the movie Purple Rain then you know this song quite well. Lilangel is coming to show us her moves with this tune. 

Here are some movie facts for you to enjoy...
(from Wikipedia)
"Darling Nikki" is a song produced, arranged, composed and performed by American musician Prince and originally released on his Grammy Award-winning 1984 album, Purple Rain. Though the song was not released as a single, it gained wide notoriety for its sexual lyrics and in particular a reference to masturbation. Partly because of the lyrical content of "Darling Nikki", Tipper Gore founded the Parents Music Resource Center,[1][2] which eventually led to the use of "Parental Advisory" stickers and imprints on album covers.[3] Compared with the slick production of the other songs on the album, "Darling Nikki" was deliberately engineered to have a raw, live feel.

(from songfacts)
When Tipper Gore (wife of former US vice-president Al Gore) heard her daughter listening to this song, she became outraged and started the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) to fight against offensive lyrics. Led by the wives of US politicians, the PMRC got hearings on the issue where musicians like Frank Zappa, Dee Snider and John Denver spoke against any form of censorship in music. Tipper was vilified by many people who supported the right to free speech, and no laws were passed restricting lyrics. The controversy did lead to a voluntary system where record labels put warning stickers on albums containing explicit content. In 1991, when Walmart announced they would not sell any albums with warning stickers, many artists began releasing both clean and explicit versions of their albums.

The Foo Fighters released a new version of this in 2003, although Prince wouldn't let them release it in the United States.

Darling Nikki

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