Oh what a night

Boy last night was one of those nights you dread in a Second Life dancing performance...

Everything was fine before the show, dancers we there caching dances, waiting and chatting, greeting the audience... inviting more people... sam (the music program some dread to use from time to time to stream music) was just fine before the show....

Then 8pm slt happened... we were to start the show 4 minutes later when sam decides to go into repeat/preview mode. It played a song for 30 seconds and then played another. It was doing it in alphabetical order at least. Path was the dj and was I'm sure swearing at the computer program with some choice words. After 15-20 minutes of freaking out (I certainly was)... our Paramount DJ Rebecca stepped in the help! Meanwhile Queenie and I tried our best to keep the crowd entertained while waiting. Thank the SL gods for Rebecca! Path quickly started sending her the music and she was setting up as fast as she could. 8:30pm, we were finally ready to start the show.

Jag's act went just fine and then Gracie took the stage... Her hud decided to work, when it wanted to! So she looked like she was pausing quite a lot. I was able to snap one good shot of her in a move though! Yay! Lilangl was our special guest, BUT.... it was her turn to feel the wrath of sl. Her set wouldn't rezz right, I know she was disappointed... maybe even more than us not being able to see it! I was up next with Queenie and I went through just fine. My prayers were answered.

Path took the stage next, while his clothes didn't want to unrezz it went quite well! Queenie was next with her awesome "Ulay Oh" act (quite the artistic act to see).. and the show was almost ready to end. Ariel strapped Path to a cross for the final act as she danced around with her flogger. Sounds odd doesn't it! Not for Night Players!

Pictures can be seen on the performance page 2!

You know the best part of it... the crowd stayed...through it all. We certainly appreciate that more than anything!

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