July's 1st Sneeky Peek!

First sneek peek of July! Our  new show is fast approaching and will be heros and villians!! One of our dancers did a WONDERFUL number to Woman Woman's theme song. I believe this is the song she used (I can't confirm right now)... if it's not, it's still a great song!!


Wonder Woman Facts:
Wonder Woman was partly a response to the rise of the Nazis
The first comic book superhero, Superman, hit the stands in 1938. But shortly thereafter, comics came under fire: critics said Superman could be interpreted as a fascist—an all-powerful ubermensch that would have a negative influence on American children. (Remember, the rise of the superhero coincides with the rise of Nazi Germany.) Parents demand that the books be burned.

Wonder Woman was designed as a feminist icon
Anyone who has read Wonder Woman comics will be able to recognize the feminist underpinnings of her story. But readers probably don’t know that Marston broke from the rest of popular culture by asserting not only that kids would be interested in reading a comic about a woman but that she would be essential to their education in teaching them about gender equality.

Wonder Woman has run for president in the comic books twice
Wonder Woman ran for office in a comic book written by Marston in 1943, and then again in a cover story in Ms. magazine in 1972. She didn’t win either time. Maybe she should try for 2016.

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