Sneeky Peek Part ???

I lost count on the sneek peeks! Sneaky peeks?! Anywho!

Before Saturday, I thought I'd send out another sneek preview of a song being done at our shows this month. Now, this song in the show is a remix so what's below won't be the same one you hear Saturday, but you get the idea! Who would do this song in a dance production?! You'll be amazed at what our dancer at Paramount has come up with for this song. 

Here are some song facts for you to enjoy...
Written by the group's lead singer Holly Johnson, bassist Mark O'Toole and drummer Peter Gill, "Relax" was the first Frankie Goes to Hollywood single, and by far their biggest American hit (they had two other chart-toppers in their native UK: "Two Tribes" and "The Power Of Love").
The basic idea of "relax, don't do it" came to Johnson one day in winter 1982 when he was late for rehearsals "walking very quickly along the central reservation of Princes Avenue in Toxteth." At that point, the band only consisted of Johnson, O'Toole and Gill.

The lyrics are relatively ambiguous, although the line "When you want to come" is clearly a reference to orgasm. To throw censors off the scent, when "Relax" first came out the band claimed publicly that it was written about "motivation." Later they confessed it was actually about "shagging."

Three music videos were made for this song. The first depicted the band in a Roman Empire bondage fantasy featuring simulated sodomy, Paul Rutherford's bare bottom and a group of bondage fetishists chained to scaffolding. It was banned by both MTV and the BBC. The second video, shown primarily in the UK, featured the band (pretending to) perform the song while standing in front of green laserlight. The third video, shown primarily in the US, featured the band in a live performance setting (performing along to the studio track) while being kissed and hugged by adoring concertgoers.

The release of "Relax" was promoted by a variety of widely distributed T-shirts bearing the legendary "Frankie Say..." quotes, such as "Frankie Say RELAX Don't Do It."

This shirt gets a cameo in a season 3 episode of the TV series Friends during a scene where Ross (David Schwimmer) is taking back his stuff from Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) after the break up. Knowing she likes to sleep in the shirt, he asks for it back, even though it hasn't fit him since was 15. He puts on the way-too-tight T-shirt and declares, "I'm going to take the rest of my stuff and relax in my favorite shirt." He later returns the shirt in a sign of reconciliation.

Relax don't do it - Frankie goes to Hollywood

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