Last night's show...

I really don't know how we pulled it off. Every dancer except one was having trouble rezzing clothes, dance huds, everything we need for a show. Thank you Linden Labs for making us panic before a show! We weren't sure whether to cancel or not. Maintenance was the blaim and that's my story.... But it was 15 minutes before showtime and all was fixed.

We started a little later than normal but the crowd stayed! And enjoyed!! I even captured a few comments from the audience, I hope they don't mind me posting them.

"Kermie Mistwallow: from a self proclaimed connoisseur of the female form this production is very well put together"

"Fizzea Fairey: really impressive. and ive been in sl for 8 years
Fizzea Fairey: this takes the cake"

"Kermie Mistwallow: Fantastic performances, great personalities, superb sets and a great experiences, well done everyone"

"яeđ Qυєeи   (queenie.acacia): thank you for the wonderful comments Kermie :)
Kermie Mistwallow: meant every word, this is a very well put together production, enjoyed every minute of it, thank you"

"яeđ Qυєeи   (queenie.acacia): did you see the whole show?
Leon I.C.E.B.U.R.G. アイスベルゴ (sirburg): yes I enjoyed it it was like a broadway production"

Comments during the dancer's performances mean more to us than anything. It really does help us get better with our dancing! Of course the tips are nice too!!

We are doing "Americana" one more time this month so if you haven't seen it, PLEASE come by this coming Saturday and check it out! If the comments are this good, I wonder what next month will bring!

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