Saturday at the Hop Pictures!

THANK YOU PAN CARFIELD! He submitted to me some pictures for almost every performance! YAY! Big thank you to Pan. Go to the Performance Pictures page at the top and click 2015 on the top of the page for pictures!

We have one more showing of the Saturday at the Hop show this Saturday coming up. January 24th! Hopefully I'll send out the correct landmark this Saturday. I still can not figure out how that old landmark got into my notecard and inventory. I think it may be haunting me! Thank you for those that came and tipped and enjoyed the show!

For those that did come, we the management and staff would like to know if the new tip jar system is working for YOU?! We are still getting used to it, we aren't used to having to log into the jar when we start to dance, so we thank you for your patience in that!

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