Little Update!

So, nothing really new going on at Paramount.... other then waxing our legs, polishing the floors, waxing Ood's back for his Frank-N-Furter costumes... It's that time of year! So we've been working and rehearsing on Rocky Horrid Show, BUT we would like to get you involved with our January show! How?! How can we?! Say it isn't so! Oh, but it IS so!

You see that little poll question on the right side of the blog? You've guessed it, we'd like you to help us with naming the January 2015 show! We've got choices but if you got a better one, type it in the comments below in this post. It'll be a 1950's theme if you haven't guessed by the choices! You've got a few weeks to vote, so get a clicking!!

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