Kat Feldragonne Dance Challenge!

Kat Feldragonne put out a challenge a few weeks ago and Lotta answered the call. Click the link to read Kat's post about Lotta's video and the challenge.

Or if you'd just like to see the video, click here


Rocky Pictures

We have a few pictures of the Rocky Horrid Show from last night. Claymore Heslop took a few a sent them to me! YAY! So head on over to the picture pages, page 3 I think it is, and check them out.





Join the Paramount Players at 7pm slt, as they put on their show, “Rocky Horrid Show”

Tale of newly engaged couple Brad Majors and Janet Weiss who find themselves lost and with a flat tire on a cold and rainy late evening. Seeking a telephone, the couple walk to a nearby castle. They discover a group of strange people who are holding an Annual Transylvanian Convention. They are soon swept into the world of Dr. Frank N. Furter, transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania. The ensemble of convention attendees also includes servants Riff Raff, his sister Magenta, and a groupie named Columbia. In his lab, Frank claims to have discovered the “secret to life itself”. His creation, Rocky, is brought to life....


"Just seven days....

I will make you a MAAAAAAAA-AAAANNN".... well no not really, more like two days from now. What am I talking about?! ROCKY HORRID SHOW, duh! :)

Premiering Saturday, November 22nd at 7pm slt! YAY! It's time to do this show, going to bed singing the songs, waking up singing the songs... for a month... ooof.

Few things have changed though, mainly the cast, but we will do our best and put on a show! Hope to see you all there!!

Need a Show?! Try Dance Queen's Dance Galaxy!

Dance Queens "Dance Galaxy" Festival
November 15th and 16th 2014

This Showcase Festival is an opportunity for the Second Life dance community to come together in one place at one time and share their vision with their peers.  It is a chance for us all to see each other's work, meet new people, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends.  It is a celebration of creativity.  We also welcome people new to the Second Life performance art scene, and hope you will delight in this celebration of human imagination.  Come see what is possible in Second Life!!


The Schedule:
Saturday, November 15th:
1pm - The Night Theater
2pm - Fusion Dance Crew
3pm - The Dawn of Dance
5pm - La Oro
6pm - Winds of the Sahara
7pm - MaHal
8pm - A&M MOCAP Maniacs

Sunday, November 16th:
12pm - Spirit Light Dance Company
1pm - Flowers of the Desert
3pm - D-Team Dance Ensemble
4pm - Blue Velvet
5pm - Ballet Pixelle
6pm - Dance Xcetera
7pm - Star Dancers
8pm - Euphoria

Little Update!

So, nothing really new going on at Paramount.... other then waxing our legs, polishing the floors, waxing Ood's back for his Frank-N-Furter costumes... It's that time of year! So we've been working and rehearsing on Rocky Horrid Show, BUT we would like to get you involved with our January show! How?! How can we?! Say it isn't so! Oh, but it IS so!

You see that little poll question on the right side of the blog? You've guessed it, we'd like you to help us with naming the January 2015 show! We've got choices but if you got a better one, type it in the comments below in this post. It'll be a 1950's theme if you haven't guessed by the choices! You've got a few weeks to vote, so get a clicking!!