Rocky Horrid.... 2014

FOR OUR VERSION OF THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW which we will be presenting in November and December 2014.  Last year we called it "The Rocky Horrid Show" - this year we're calling it "The Rocky Horrid Show 2014."

For those who didn't see our production last year, we want everyone to know this is not a "Rocky Horror Musical Revue" - - this is a Play, which runs a little over an hour.  It was a huge hit last year and of course, we're hoping it will be an even bigger hit this year!!!

Most of the parts in the show are open.  Lotta and I have taken the same roles we did last year: Rocky and Magenta; we each love to perform our chosen roles and they both give us the flexibility to perform our production duties during the program.

What we are looking for in all roles is for performers who can, through clothing and movement, perhaps gestures, capture the "Spirit" of the original characters.  I mean - I'm not going to use one of my Sean Connery or Bob Hope Avatars - with their specific AO's, to "interpret" the spirit of the character Rocky.  :-)

Roles available are:

Frankenfuter:  Flambouyant Wierdo

Columbia:        Groupie.  The part of Columbia is significantly expanded in our production. 

Riff Raff:        The "Butler" with other "undercover" duties.

Janet:               Ditzi FiancĂ©e of Brad

Brad:               Geek Beyond Belief FiancĂ© of Janet

Dr Scott:         Dr Scott

Eddie:             Biker; failed brain transplant patient

The Transylvanians:
The Transylvanians are our Chorus Line.  In our 2013 production they appeared in Act I (Time Warp, Sweet Transvestite, Sword of Damocles, Charles Atlas & Hot Patootie) thye were off stage during Act II (Toucha Toucha, Eddie, Planet Schmanet) and returned for the Act II (Floor Show, Don't Dream it, Wild & Untamed, & I'm going home, ending).  For 2014 we want the Dancers in the chorus line to also appear during Act II - - in ways that are intended to add get positive audience responses.

This is the SL Paramount Grand Theater - there is nudity.  Lots of it.  And also "sex".  Much more of both than is in the movie version.  (Both got very positive audience reaction last year.  Everyone (Including the Transylvanians) except Riff Raff and Eddie appear nude some time or other in the show.  Even Dr. Scott.

Production:  Last year the spot on system was new to us and was used sparingly.  This meant that there was a lot of individual movement of characters during the show.  I don't plan to change this much.  Being in Rocky is not an exercise in sitting on a spot and doing nothing.  Not even for the Transylvanians.

Rehearsals:  We learned last year that the best way to rehearse this extremely complicated program is to rehearse with small groups - usually 2 to three people.  And to rehearse a lot.  Rehearsing in small groups helps a great deal when it's time to put the whole thing together at Our regular rehearsals which are on Wednesdays at 5:30 PM.  The shows will be presented at the Paramount's regular time of 7 pm slt on Saturdays. 

We will publish a schedule of rehearsals and performances as soon as possible.

AUDITIONS:  If you desire to be in the Rocky Horrid Show 2014 please fill out an "Audition Card" and give to Lotta Difference AND Pathmaker Campbell.  Once we receive your Audition Card we will respond so that you know it was received and we will then keep you informed of what is going on.

Thank you so much,  Path.


Audition Card:

Name - full identification so that we can find you in search if we have not yet Friended:

If you are a member of any SL Dance or Performance Troupes please list them here:

Other theatrical experience including rl that you wish us to know about.

Your Avatar is Male or Female;
(If you are applying for a role using an Alt please indicate here, including the name of the Alt)

Please mark below the characters you wish to play.  Please number your choices in order of preference - like if you will play either Frank or Riff Raff but you prefer Riff - then mark Frank "2" and Riff "1"


______      COLUMBIA

______      BRAD

______      JANET

______      RIFF RAFF

______      DR SCOTT

______      EDDIE

______      TRANSLYVANIAN  (Up to 8 Transylvanians are wanted for the show)


______      ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 5 HOW MUCH OF A FAN ARE YOU?  (1 = I have seen the move; 2 = I have seen the movie and I like it;  3 = I've seen the movie and or play more than once; 4 = I go to performances of the movie and or play and dress in costume and participate; 5 = I am a rabid fan and would kill to be in this sl production!!!!)

Please include any additional information you would like us to have.  For example - if you are accomplished at creating production numbers using the Spot on Performance Director, etc.

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