Moving, again

So if you were at the Paramount Saturday night, you know what the cast went through. We had to cancel our show due to someone coming early and griefed us. Even a few of the audience members had trouble. We've been griefed perhaps just one time before for our Grand Opening two years ago, but that was easy to take care of. We had the owner of the sim at the show and she took care of it for us, no problems!

ruusyasu resident - "Suspected Terrorist Griefer"

Well this past Saturday, we were unable to find the sim owner or anyone of the estate managers to help us get rid of the griefer before the show. We tried our best to do what we could, ban/ejected but some of you know that's just not enough. We were all heartbroken and disappointed for canceling but we just couldn't move, or dance or even rezz things properly.

So after the cancellation, one of our dancers, Ariel, informed Path and I, she would love for us to move to her sim with the theatre. We'd be able to have more power, have more authority as it were if griefers came by once again. So, we've started the move and hopefully things will be settled and everything in it's place by this coming Saturday.

WE PLAN to put the show on and we hopefully will be able to! If not, we will certainly let everyone know! The new slurl for the theatre will be changed on the blog as soon as I set the landing point and do all those extra behind the scene updating whatnots.

We are in the process of rehearsing our August show, Elemental, and have side projects. This griefer just put a brakes on everything for a few days. Have no fear, we WILL be back! In teh meantime, please visit the our dance troups in SL. We recommend the Esylium group at the Empire on Fridays at 6pm slt and the Winds of Sahara troupe, Sundays at 5pm slt.

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