The Gazebo has the ENTERTAINMENT!

Nothing at the Paramount Grand Theatre, until April 5th, BUT UNTIL THEN, come to The Gazebo for some live singers and dancing!

Thursday, March 27th at 2pm slt - Scooter Fallen - Live Singer

Thursday, March 27th at 5pm slt - Leannan Lockjaw - Live Singer

Saturday, March 29th at 6-8pm slt - DJ Zea
   (She'll dj when her real life lets her. Watch out for a notice in the Paramount group on what theme she comes up with!)

Sunday, March 30th's entertainment will be hosted by the SL Comedian, Vicki Eriksen.
At 1pm slt  - Lonewolf - Live Singer 
At 2pm slt  - Coffee Jaworower - Live Singer

SLURL to the Paramount Grand Theatre & The Gazebo

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