What the Paramount has to offer YOU this week.....

SHOWS for February 20 - 23, 2014:

Thursday, February 20th at 2pm slt - Scooter Fallen - Live Singer

Thursday, February 20th at 5pm slt - Leannan Lockjaw - Live Singer

Friday, February 21st at 6-8pm slt - DJ Zea

   She'll dj when her real life lets her!
   Watch out for a notice on what theme she comes up with! 

Saturday, February 22nd at 6pm slt  - Toxie - Singer

Saturday, February 22nd at 7pm slt  - Rocky Horrid - Burlesque Show

Sunday, February 23rd at 12pm slt -
Rocky Horrid - Burlesque Show
   Hosted by the SL Comedian, Vicki Eriksen.

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