Happenings at Paramount THIS WEEK!

A day and a dollar short?

Tuesday we had Scooter singing some Christmas songs for us at the Paramount at 2pm slt.

Leannan Lockjaw is back Thursday at 5pm slt, after 2 weeks of not being there! Why you ask? We were selfish and needed more time for rehersing Rocky Horrid!

Path is djing at Seductive Dreamerz from 6pm to 8pm slt. Come clothed or naked... it'll be hanging out all over no matter what!

Mitch Treillis is with us once again at 6pm slt, Saturday, December 7th! He's a wonderful jazz/swing singer.

Rocky Horrid Show is going to be on stage TWICE THIS WEEKEND! December 7th & 8th. December 7th is at 7pm slt... December 8th is at 12pm. Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, Rocky will be chased by Frank....

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