Rocky Horrid Show

7 PM Saturday, November 22nd 2013 The Paramount Playhouse presented our own version of the Rocky Horror Show. Which we renamed Rocky Horrid Show. In terms of audience attendance it was a resounding success!!! We had a very enthusiastic audience - and an appreciative audience - and from the lack of negative feedback so far - we seem to have presented what Rocky Fans want to see - at least in SL.

From the Technical side - - despite MANY hours of hard work and preparation there were technical failures that caused some problems for some of the Cast. Steps have already been started to improve and try to eliminate as many of those problems as possible.

We tried to adapt the Rocky Horror Picture Show to SL in the best way we could - making changes to try to make the show work - and please Hard Core Rocky Fans - within the confines of sl. While Cast Members did the Time Warp Dance, some couldn't avoid the SL Crash. But we're working on that too!!!

We plan to do our New and Improved Rocky Horrid Show again on December 7 at 7 PM. We hope those who saw the show and liked it come back and enjoy it again - - and we hope that folks who haven't seen it yet DO come - and enjoy and want to come back!!!
If anyone took any pictures, we'd be happy to add them here and on facebook, with credit!

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