Tonight at Seductive Dreamerz

We were so disappointed that last night we had to cancel. Since we have such a small group of dancers, having 2 dancers not be able to make due to real life issues, Pathmaker, Starlena and I (Lotta) went to check out some other dance troupes! Nice to have a Friday off, sad it was due to real life.

So take the teleport below to come see us at Seductive Dreamerz! We have a few new things in the mix!

We bring you strippers from outer space and cowpokes down on the range! From Star Trek to Ghost Riders, from Dr. Who to Saving horses, our show has it all. Watch our troupe dance for your entertainment and enjoyment! Enjoy the music, the acts, the humor, the stripping and skin. Lots of very talented skin to make you smile.
Seductive Dreamerz

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