Paramount and G-strings

Gweeb at Paramount Playhouse

On Sunday, August 4, the Paramount Playhouse was honored to host the excellent musician GWEEB.  Gweeb is a very accomplished guitarist and singer in addition to being an outstanding performer.

GWEEB seems to be able to sing and play anything - and his ability to make his guitar "Sing" is incredible.  Especially considering that he uses no backup tracks.  What we heard was Gweeb - playing and singing, and literally rocking the foundation of our theater.  And he does it with great playing and singing - not a lot of volume needed to rock everyone's world.

Having heard Gweeb perform previously, I was very pleased to hear the comments from people who had not heard him before.  :-)  Huge compliments from "Wow this guy is REALLY GOOD" to - "If I were wearing panties they would be wet now."

We like Gweeb so much, we are having him back to the Paramount on Sunday, August 18th.  If you were here and heard him on the 4th - I'm thinking you will be back.  If you weren't here - - smiles - - I hope you will be here when he comes back - in approximately two weeks.  We definitely will be.

~Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor

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