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Paramount Playhouse is moving it's Burlesque-style shows from Sundays at Noon, sl time, to Fridays at 6 pm sl time.

Paramount Playhouse, which has presented a potpourri of entertainment on Sundays, including live singers, comedy and a play as well as burlesque programs since it’s opening in December 2012. We will continue to offer live shows and comedy on Sundays. Pathmaker Campbell-MacGregor, part owner of the Paramount, said, "An occasional ‘saucy act’ might occur on a Sunday from time to time, but overall our Burlesque programs, which we think of as ‘Stripping with Style and Class,’ will now be performed on Fridays at 6 pm slt."
The first program being performed on a Friday at the Paramount will be "Summer of Love" which will premier on Friday July 12 at 6 pm sl time. This program will be repeated on Friday July 26 at the same time, and subsequent Burlesque programs and plays will be presented at 6 pm on designated Fridays.

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