Gootek & Vicki Eriksen Show

Sunday Entertainment at Paramount Playhouse featuring Gootek on Guitar and Vicki Eriksen on - - - hilarity!!!
Sunday July 21st at Noon sl time the Paramount Playhouse presented a live performance by Gootek, who just happens to be a Master Guitarist. Gootek played an hour of a mixture of tunes including blues and rock.  At the Paramount, we think Gootek can play ANYTHING - - from Eric Clapton's bluesey rock to Jimmy Hendrix to a smooth jazz guitar.  He pleased everyone who was in attendance . . . so much so that we have invited him to return on Sunday, August 11th.
SL Comedienne Vicki Ericksen has been performing at the Paramount since shortly after we opened and she is an Entertainer par Excellence. Following Gootek's opening performance, Vicki entertained with her wacky (and naughty) brand of humor from 1 pm until the audience had laughed themselves sick.  Audience responses ranged from "ROFLMAO" to "I just sprayed soda all over my keyboard and monitor!"  Vicki does stand up comedy but she also includes skits, usually involving her sidekick Zoey and the Paramount's own glutten for punishment, Pathmaker.
Vicki is a treasured member of the Paramount Staff; in addition to entertaining on Sundays, she is also a manager and producer, presenting and hosting her own programs featuring Scooter Fallen on Tuesdays at 2 p.m. sl time.
RL takes Vicki away from us for about six weeks, so it will be September before she returns. While she is gone the Paramount Staff will continue to host Scooter Fallen on Tuesdays.  The Staff is taking the day off on Sunday, July 28 but the Playhouse will open again on Sunday, August 4 with singer/guitarist Gweeb.  For the second hour on that day the Paramount Players will present some kind of rampant - and naughty - insanity to keep the audience's funny bones exercised until Vicki returns.

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